Nomination for Online Upgradation Training  (E1 to E2, E2 to E3 .....  etc)                                                                                   Posted on 03-08-2012

 Procedure of Nomination:

Step 1: <Click here for nomination>

Step 2: Go on open web and Click on"ONLINE UPGRADATION TRAINING" 

Step 3: Enter your HRMS No. and D.O.B. (Date of  Birth)  and Click on "Next" Button

Step4: Click on "Apply" as per up-gradation Level (E1 to E2 or E2 to E3  etc.) and  your field (CFA/CM/EB etc.) .

Step 5: Select the "Exam Centre"  and "Online Exam Date  " also Fill the "Mobile No of Trainee" and "Email ID of Trainee" and after that click on "Submit"button.

                                                  Now you will get a message that your nomination is  successfully  completed.

 Procedure to Download Study Materials:

For Study material go to ----->Login ----->Digital Library----->INDUCTION & UPGRADATION MATERIALS

LDCE 2012  (JTO to SDE(T) under 33% Quota) Update.  Dt 28-07-2012

BSNL CO is calling of nomination for setting of LDCE-2012 question papers.

<Click Here for details>

Inter Circle Transfer                                     Posted on 28-07-2012

Proposed : Change in policy for Transfer to hard Tenure Stations within WB Coordination Zone     Posted on 28-07-2012

Drop Cases not Clearing Upgradation Exam        Posted on 26-07-2012

Drop Cases after order                                 Posted on 25-07-2012

An appeal is made  by AIGETOA WB to all members

With extreme grief, we bring to you the sad news of the demise of our AIGETOA Member Shri Rajeev Kumar DRJTO. He was working as JTO (E-10B) at Udaipur, Rajasthan Circle. He was very much devotee in his duties and helping nature. He has left behind his wife, a daughter (Four years) and a son (One and half years).  AIGETOA prays to the Almighty for peace of divine soul of Rajiv and to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss.

An appeal is made  by AIGETOA WB to all members  in this tough time of  his family Pl. contribute voluntarily  at least half day salary to provide  some financial assistance to his family . Although the loss can not be filled , but our this step at least can help to secure the future of his children .
A/c  detail for contribution : 010010100600286 (Axis bank Jaipur ) by name of AIGETOA Rajasthan 

send your contribution detail on mail Id manojdhangar@ ( FS –AIGETOA , Raj ) or

sms to Sunil Sharma 9413394890 ( DS AIGETOA , Udaipur ) so that all the amount deposited in this head may be forwarded  to his family .


IDA scale upgradation of Executives absorbed in BSNL (JTO 2001 & 2002 Batch for E2 to E3  and JTO 2005 Batch for E1 to E2)                                                                                                   Posted on 19-07-2012

Annual General Body Meet of Kharagpur SSA                                                                                     Posted on 19-07-2012   

The AGM  of Kharargpur  SSA was successfully held at Kharagpur on 13/07/2012. GMTD Khagarpur Shri P. K. Ghosh was the chief guest for  the occasion.  The CHQ was represented by the Circle President Shri Prashant Jain and Circle Vice President Shri.   Parasanta  Nag.

In the inaugurals address District President  Shri Bipin Kashchyap  emphasized on needs for finding new channels for revenue generation, He also narrated how Kahargpur has earned remarkable revenue by imparting vocational training to engineering students. DS shri Shiv Kant Shukla in his address elaborated on various achievements of AIGETOA Kharagpur , and also gave detailed account of various AIGETOA initiatives at SSA level, like formation of a alliance with other associations , which resulted in better accountability of SSA administration.and told about the vision of his association regarding solution of burning issues like pay fixation for newly recruited JTO and JAOs. CP Shri Prashant Jain in his address raised various issues like EPF submission and the basic reasons for formation of AIGETOA. HE conveyed the message that AIGETOA is giving 1 month time for settling EPF problem in Kharagpur.The chief Guest GMTD Shri  P K Ghosh in his address told the gathering about various issues raised, and he highlighted that many problems in the SSA are due to acute shortage of  Staff, delay in equipment procurement , and also due to governmental setup of working prevailing in BSNL. He also conveyed his appreciation for Direct recruited empleyees and told that sooner or later in coming years they are going to be the driving force for taking BSNL forward.He ensured that EPF issue will be taken up with the EPFO and he nominated his DGM for visiting EPFO, he also told that he will also meet in person to EPFO if need arises.FS Shri Jyotirmayo Samanto gave the vote of thanks to all participants and chef guest.

<<Click here for glimpses>>

Intra circle Transfers of SDEs                 Posted on 09-07-2012

  •   Mr. Subhasis Paul transferred  from SDE/GTK to        SDE/EZBC Saltlake Kolkata
  •  Mr. Ukil Kr.wary  transferred  from SDE/Sliliguri to    SDE/CMTS Plg. Kolkata

 <Click here for Letter>

Development Meeting  held on 22/06/2012                                                                                                       Posted on 03-07-2012

A development  meeting is held at Conference Room, Circle office ,Kolkata  on 22 june 2012 ( 11AM)  to discuss the development issues.

<<Invitation Letter  to AIGETOA to attend meeting>> 

 << Minutes of Development Meeting>>

Refund of security deposit of Rs 5000 (Taken at the time   of appointment)                                                                    Posted on 18-06-2012


All members those are completed 5 Yrs service in BSNL. You may apply  for refund of Rs 5000 through proper channel.

<Click here for letter and proforma for apply>

In WB Circle 57 GEs are qualified in total 69 qulified candiadtes  in LDCE                                                                        Posted on 13-06-2012


As per the primary information received, 69 candidates are qualified in LDCE for WB circle .Among 69 candidate 57 are GE JTOs.

 If any discrepancy .Please mail details at---

 <<Click Here for List WB Circle of 69 candidates>> 

1 10 3770370274 INDRAJIT GHOSH GE JTO 
2 16 3780370149 TARAK NATH RAJAK GE JTO 
3 36 3770370245 NEERAJ KUMAR SINGH GE JTO 
4 40 3770370268 KAMAL SMAIL GE JTO 
5 45 3770370016 UMESH PRATAP SINGH GE JTO 
6 76 3760370047 VISHAL GE JTO 
7 123 3760130282 AMITABH DAM GE JTO 
8 232 3760370071 DEBJIT GHATAK GE JTO 
9 247 3770370249 RAMESH PRATAP SINGH GE JTO 
11 436 3780370124 SUMAN SAHA GE JTO 
12 450 3770230004 SAMIM KUMAR PATEL GE JTO 
13 451 3760370224 PRAHLAD BASAK GE JTO 
14 507 3760370082 SHAILENDRA KUMAR RAI GE JTO 
15 508 3760370087 SANJAY DUTTA GE JTO 
16 521 3780370030 PARTHAJIT SUKLA DAS GE JTO 
17 542 3760370171 JITENDRA RAITANI GE JTO 
18 552 3760370002 ARVIND KUMAR GE JTO 
20 580 3760370339 ASHISH GUHA ROY GE JTO 
21 581 3760370067 AMIT KUMAR II GE JTO 
23 650 3770370307 TARUN KUMAR GE JTO 
24 653 3760370257 T VAMSI KRISHNA GE JTO 
25 662 3770140117 ASHOK PANDIT GE JTO 
26 677 3780370014 OM PRAKASH SAROJ GE JTO 
27 707 3760370007 PRASHANT JAIN GE JTO 
28 781 3760370284 BISHWAROOP MITRA GE JTO 
29 881 3780370023 SRIKRISHNA MANDAL GE JTO 
30 923 3760370077 SHADAB IMRAN KHAN GE JTO 
31 961 3760150134 DIGANTA SARKAR GE JTO 
32 1013 3760370038 RAJEEV NAYAN GE JTO 
33 1211 3760370198 SRINADHU UDAY KUMAR GE JTO 
34 1264 3760280225 RABI SHANKAR GUHA GE JTO 
35 1426 3770370045 DIDDI VENKATESWAR RAO GE JTO 
36 1704 3780370112 MUPPIDI RAJU GE JTO 
37 1734 3780370091 KALYAN KUMAR GANDRALA GE JTO 
40 1754 3760370029 KAUSHIK BHAKAT GE JTO 
42 1877 3760370191 SK MD MUSHA GE JTO 
43 1892 3760370011 JAI PRAKASH NARAIN GE JTO 
44 1963 3760370061 AMIT KUMAR  GE JTO 
45 2059 3790370046 NUNAVATH HEERAMAN GE JTO 
46 2100 3770370105 PRASAD ANUJ KUMAR GE JTO 
47 2154 3780370119 BISHWARUP DAS GE JTO 
48 2193 3780370008 SOURAV ROY GE JTO 
49 2194 3760370167 AVIJIT DAS GE JTO 
50 2233 3780370306 SANJAI KUMAR GE JTO 
51 2289 3760370010 BIJAY KUMAR GE JTO 
52 2308 3760370314 SADHAN KAUR SIDHU GE JTO 
53 2335 3770370195 BIJAY KUMAR CHOURASIA GE JTO 
54 2370 3760370335 BYOMAKESH DASH GE JTO 
55 2385 3770210062 RANJIT MOHARANA GE JTO 
56 95( SC) 3780370120 SAIBAL ROY GE JTO 
57 101 (SC ) 3780370097 VINOD KUMAR NAGWANSHI GE JTO 

Indefinite Strike Deferred !!!!!! Posted on 13-06-12

                                                 LONG LIVE AIGETOA 

Forum of Union/association have differed the indefinite strike from 13/06/2012 after BSNL Management bowed down and accepted a majority of demands  which includes - fitment at DA @ 78.8 % , Child care leave  for female and superannuation benefits to direct recruits @ 30% to be referred to a new high power committee.

AIGETOA WBTC thanks to all members who have shown unprecedented solidarity and stood upfront to face any consequences for fighting for their rights.

In the foregoing war for attaining the rights for the most deprived class of officers in BSNL who only belong to BSNL this is the beginning , We all look forward towards our able leadership and super active CHQ led by our beloved GS to continue the struggle and AIGETOA WBTC along with all the members pledge its support in all formats to our leaders in this war again the atrocities of BSNL management step motherly attitude towards their own employees.

It is pertinent to note that direct recruits who are working round the clock shedding thier sweat and blood , leaving behind thier families for the welfare of BSNL are the most neglected and supressed cadre.

In no where else in the world a company has been so ruthless towards its own officers recruited by the company, when it comes to the basic issues like salary, rights and career prospects.

AIGETOA wows to fight for the rights , dignity and place these direct recruits deserves and which have been deprived for long.

Congratulations to all ! LDCE Results declared!!!

AIGETOA WBTC conveys its heartiest thanks and deepest gratitude to GS , AGS and VP for thier consistent persual from the very starting for holding long due LDCE in the cadre of SDE(T). 

<ALL India OC List> 

<ALL India SC List>

<ALL India ST List> 

Confirmation of JTOs                         Posted on 12-06-2012

Kind attention to GEJTOs of 2005,2007 and 2008 Batch 

Please send the details in the prescribed proforma through your office to Circle Office If you have already completed 2 year service on 31.03.2012 .

<click here for details and proforma> 

MEETING OF FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS WEST BENGAL HELD ON 11th JUNE’2012                                    Posted on 11-06-2012

A meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations was held today(11th June 2012) at 5 P.M. at BSNLEU union office , C.T.O.  Building, Kolkata.

< Click here For Details>

Agitation Program by UF of BSNL Executive Associations & Unions                           Posted on 11-06-2012

Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations issued Circular, signed by all the General Secretaries, for the successful implementation of the indefinite strike w.e.f 13th June, 2012 demanding 78.2% IDA merger with basic pay w.e.f 01.01.2007 for full IDA neutralization and restoration/revision of allowances as per DPE guidelines. 

 Forum prepared a common POSTER and BADGE for the agitation. The Badge should be worn by all the employees on all the days of strike

<Click here for Details > 

AIGETOA District body formation at Behrampur SSA on 03/06/2012                                                  Posted on 06-06-2012

A meeting was organized for formation of district body of Behrampur SSA on 3rd June 2012.  CS, VP, Executive member Indrajit Ghosh and Tarak Razzak attended the meeting from SHQ side. ALL the direct recruits of Behrampur SSA were present in the meeting. All the circle representatives updated the members about the CHQ and SHQ activities. Finally a district body of AIGETOA Behrampur SSA was formed.

<Click here for newly elected body of Behrampur SSA>

<Click here for Glimpses>

Annual General Body Meeting of ETR Kolkata on 01/06/2012                                          Posted on 04-06-2012

 Annual General Body meeting of ETR Kolkata was held on 01 June,2012 at Telephone Bhawan 6th floor.CS, CP, ACS,VP from SHQ side and around 20 members were present.CHQ updates were  discussed by CP WBTC.Circle achievement report was discussed by CS followed by ACS and VP.All the queries ( CHQ/CIRCLE) are discussed in the meeting. 

<Click here for New Elected Body ETR>

All  India CEC on  16th and 17th  June ,2012 at Bangalore                                                    Posted on 31-05-2012


All India CEC Meet is to be held at Bangalore, Karnataka on 16th & 17th June 2012.  CS and CP  will attend the CEC at Bangalore. All District Secretaries are requested to organize a General Body Meet in their SSA and have a discussion for the agenda to be sent to CEC at so that CS and CP can raise the issues in the said meeting.

Kind Attn!!!!!!!!   to All DS/DPs             Posted on 31-05-2012

All District Secretary/Finance Secretary are requested to collect the dues from their members and deposit the amount in account of AIGETOAWBTC latest by 10th June 2012. For details of AIGETOA WB Account visit

Meeting with GM(HQ)/ETP on 28-05-2012                                                                                                      Posted on 31-05-2012

 CS, CP along with ETP coordinator Sri Anurag Srivastava and Executive Member Sri Saibal Roy met GM (HQ)/ETP in his Office and Discuss the Following points

 1.Transfer cases of Rajeev Banerjee and Danish from their present place of posting.

 2. Forwarding Rule-8 transfer cases to WBTC for mainting the list after completion of 5 years of service.

 3. Officiating promotion in the cadre of JTO 

GRAND AGITATION..... LET IT A GRAND SUCCESS !!!!!                                       Posted on 30-05-2012

Protest and agitation against discriminative action of BSNL management: Implementing 6th Pay commission recommendation in full for unabsorbed ITS but denied 2nd pay commission recommendation for BSNL employees.

For Details <Click here >

Meeting With GM(HR/ADMIN) WBTC Dated 25/05/2012  Dt  29-05-2012

CS,CP met GM(HR/ADMIN) on 25th may in his chamber and discuss the following issue elaborately.

 1. Intra circle  and tenure Transfer of JTO/SDE which is pending since long time.

 2. Releasing of SDE whose orders are issued from long time by corporate office.

 3.Postings of LDCE qualifiers according their choice of places.

 4. Updating the Rule-8 cases and loading updated list in Sancharika.

 5. Further releasing pending Rule 8 cases from the list.